1:12 RAD-01 Head

1:12 RAD-01 Head

EXCLUSIVE! Original character design by Kyle Robinson.

The main character in my original universe called “Radioactive Dystopia”. An 80s/90s inspired “Saturday morning cyberpunk” adventure story that takes place in the near future of 208X in a place called Midnight Valley.

Meet RAD-01 (aka “The Rad One”). A cybernetically enhanced super dude. A failed prototype for an entire clone army created by the mega-corporation Corpotek. The engineering of RAD-01 didn’t go quite as planned, as he was still far too human to be controlled and defected from Corpotek. RAD-01 now swears to take down Corpotek and liberate Midnight Valley from its tyranny.

Get your RAD-01 head now and help tell his story!!!

This is a resin cast head with a generic joint hole. Modification will be required depending on your planned use.