1:12 Spaghetti Webbing

$10.00 - $25.00
Coming soon
1:12 Spaghetti Webbing

Hand made, bendable and posable. Great for any 1/12 Spider-Man. Made from a fine coated metal wired with great strength and perfect scale.

Available in multiple options to suit your needs or budget.

1. Full four piece set (one full web, 2 short web shooters, one medium web shooter)

2. Full length web (about 12 inches)

3. Two short web shooters (about 2.5 inches each)

4. Medium web shooter (about 6 inches)

5. Extra long full web (same are regular 12 inch full web, but over 20 inches long)

***Figure not included***

This item is on an open preorder basis. If it's "in stock" then I'm taking a batch or orders (will do about 10 at at time). If it's "sold out" then just check back to find a window (watch Instagram updates)